Asulkan Cabin Trip Feb 2017

Asulkan Cabin Trip Feb 2017

A small group of us headed up to spend 5 days of this year’s reading week at the Asulkan Cabin. It was a slog in as always, but everybody made it up eventually. Matt and I were somewhat eager, and after a quick rest we went went out for a quick sunset lap on the seven steps.

The whole cabin ended up getting up early the next morning and went out to watch the sunrise and hit stuff before the sun came out. We were rewarded with some pretty sweet views.

Heathcott, Matt and I headed up the Youngs headwall to go look at skiing forever young. Sweet views off the top, including the illecillewaet glacier and a great ski down the line.

Stoked on the day, we had an excellent evening, and made plans to head back out for the same sort of thing the next morning, which would be the only other good weather day of the trip. We woke to wind,fog and warm temps. We quickly became aware we were likely to spend the next 3 days mostly chilling in the cabin. Which was a blast because we packed in hella board games!

Spent the rest of the trip hanging out in the hut, playing board games and engaging in unconventional activities near the hut like booter building, cornice cutting and rappelling off small cliffs in tree triangle. Awesome trip, would highly recommend! Book early, it fills up fast.

photos: Lina Gomez, Jesse Kutcher, Mark Dalgliesh
article: Mark Dalgliesh

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