Photo Contest 16-17

Photo Contest 16-17

Another VOCO photo contest in the books. The photo contest went down this past Thursday March 23rd at our AGM (annual general meeting). Without futher ado, here are the winning pictures from all 5 categories:

  1. Action – Brendan Mahler – Cirque of the Unclimbables


2. Flora/Fauna – Matt Paul


3. Landscape – Connor Callaghan


4. People – Kalenna Olynyk


5. The Struggle is Real – Tamara

See a photo you took? Weren’t at the AGM? Get in touch and drop by the gear container to collect some┬ácomplimentary VOCO swag.

Want to enter next year? You got a whole year to go take some sweet photos –┬ákeep an eye out for the announcements next year.

Author: Mark Dalgliesh

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